Data Privacy Work

Mark focuses a segment of his practice on compliance with privacy-related laws, rules and regulations, both domestic and international, as well as responses in the event of a data breach. As the firm’s Chief Privacy Officer and co-chair of the Privacy and Data Security Practice, Mark has in-depth experience with the data privacy and security issues facing companies on a daily basis.

Because of the incredibly wide range of applicable laws, rules and regulations, Mark understands that advising on privacy-related issues is not an area of law that should be practiced “on the side,” and diligently stays up-to-date on this ever-changing field. He regularly prepares privacy policies (both intra-company and for customers), handles privacy issues under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and related requirements for the privacy of consumer financial information, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), prepares data security plans and assists with data breach responses and notifications.

Mark is a regular contributor to the firm’s Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog, which helps readers navigate through the policies and best practices of data breach response and covers topics such as compliance with data protection laws and regulatory enforcement and litigation as well. He authored a Privacy Desk Reference, which can be downloaded at, and was also instrumental in the development of the firm’s Data Breach 411 iPhone app, which promises a guide to swift damage control at the fingertips. The app is currently available for free in the iTunes Store. To download the app, click here.