Fox Partner Mark Ashton Helps Fight Hunger With Donation to Feeding Pennsylvania

May 23, 2017 – Press Releases

Pennsylvania Bar Association Family Law Section Chair Mark Ashton presented a check for $5,000 to Jane Clements-Smith, Executive Director of Feeding Pennsylvania.

Feeding Pennsylvania is a non-profit based in Harrisburg which is coordinating programs intended to direct surplus food inventory from Pennsylvania farms to its neediest citizens through a network of affiliated food banks. In presenting the check to Ms. Clements-Smith, Mr. Ashton observed that: “I can think of few programs more appropriate for the our group to support than one where Pennsylvania lawyers support Pennsylvania farmers in an effort to get food supplies they might otherwise have to discard to Pennsylvania citizens who are hungry. The program helps underwrite transportation and storage costs to move food to places where it can find a route to local pantries and similar providers.