Investigations Podcast

Federal Agents at the Door

In this five-episode podcast, Matt provides a comprehensive guide to responding to and preparing for federal investigations.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your status in an investigation
  • Responding to subpoenas and search warrants
  • Preserving evidence
  • Managing company and employee legal representation
  • Creating and carrying out response plans

What are FATCA and FBAR? How Foreign Accounts are Taxed in the U.S.

Foreign bank accounts aren’t necessarily for mustache-twirling villains and the superwealthy, but they do trip up plenty of people when it’s time to file their taxes. With foreign accounts becoming more common among everyday people and the minimum amount required to file being so low, it can be easy to not even realize you need to file an FBAR. Missing an FBAR on your taxes can wind you in hot water with the IRS and rack up hefty fines. But what is FATCA and the FBAR, and what happens if you didn’t file? Matthew Lee joins the Taxgirl podcast series with Kelly Phillips Erb to discuss.