White Collar Criminal and Regulatory Defense

Facing down a governmental investigation of any type can be terrifying, so choosing the right lawyer who mixes equal parts empathy, skill, and tenacity is paramount. Matthew is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and ensuring the presumption of innocence, regardless of the nature of their alleged offense. Matthew is regarded as a tenacious trial advocate, but he considers his biggest victories to be cases in which clients came under investigation, but were never prosecuted. While all cases vary and none is predictive, those cases receive no headlines or fanfare, simply Matthew’s painstaking attention to detail and zealous advocacy.

He has represented a wide range of clients in a diverse array of criminal and regulatory defense matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial institutions in connection with criminal investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice, with parallel regulatory components
  • Individuals and companies accused of money laundering
  • Companies ensnarled in investigations for alleged compliance failures with U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense regulations
  • Physicians accused of health care fraud and narcotics trafficking
  • Individuals investigated for or charged with bank fraud
  • Lawyers accused of aiding and abetting their clients in criminal activities
  • Government officials at all levels who are targets of public corruption and official misconduct investigations
  • Individuals investigated for and charged with commercial bribery and engaging in alleged kickback schemes 
  • Individuals charged with the criminal theft of trade secrets and economic espionage
  • Professional licensees facing administrative actions to revoke their licenses, and other disciplinary sanctions, across a wide array of professions
  • Corporate executives investigated for securities fraud and insider trading
  • Tax controversy matters
  • Professional athletes facing highly publicized arrests and prosecutions where their notoriety has amplified the impact of the charges
  • Police officers accused of misconduct, including civil rights violations
  • Companies investigated for homicide in the aftermath of fatal industrial accidents
  • Political appointees and private business people accused of bid rigging and other unlawful public procurement activities
  • Individuals accused of computer hacking and other forms of cyber intrusions
  • Individuals accused of conspiracy to commit extortion and other alleged racketeering activities
  • Individuals investigated and charged with the possession and/or distribution of digital contraband
  • Securities brokers and other financial professionals facing enforcement actions by the SEC and FINRA and corresponding referrals to criminal authorities.

Matthew is also frequently called upon to conduct internal investigations for companies across a wide array of industries, a natural derivative of his diverse criminal and regulatory defense practice. In these matters, Matthew must triage and react on behalf of his corporate clients – often while managing the coordinated efforts of other complementary professionals such as accountants and digital forensics experts – to things like embezzlement, fraud, trade secret misappropriation, compliance issues, and executive misconduct.

Some of Matthew’s most recent internal investigation engagements have included, but are certainly not limited to:

  • A manufacturer under scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice for alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • A talent agency that sustained a multi-million dollar theft by its outside bookkeeper
  • Service industry clients facing allegations of labor, employment and safety code violations
  • A manufacturer accused of the unlawful importation of raw materials for use in the manufacturing process