Common Security Vulnerabilities Stem From Both External and Internal Sources

March 11, 2016 – In The News
eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel

Matthew S. Adams was quoted in the 2016 edition of a treatise titled, "eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel."

In the chapter, Adams provides insight on common computer security vulnerabilities that may stem from internal and external sources.

According to Adams, organizations–private and public, large and small—face threats from two primary sources: external and internal. “Typically, organizations are better equipped to defend against external threats, such as malicious e-mails and websites, due to the fact that external threats are much more susceptible to traditional security safeguard,” says Adams. “Internal threats—often carried out by disgruntled employees—bypass these safeguards entirely. Moreover, these employees often have intimate knowledge of the organization’s business and network infrastructure, which can result in devastating loss following an attack.”

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