Data Breaches Rise, New State Legislation and Data Breach 411 Responds

August 11, 2014 – Press Releases

No industry is beyond the reach of cyber attacks. From restaurants to retail to utilities to health care, companies across the nation are at risk. In an effort to keep privacy officers and in-house counsel up to speed on state breach notification statutes, Fox Rothschild’s Data Breach 411 iPhone app responds with updates to reflect new and revised statutes in place in five states.

The app, which launched in early 2014, delivers a comprehensive resource on state data breach notification rules and regulations and related materials.

“Serious data breaches continue to hit at an alarming rate, making it more important than ever for companies to know what laws are in place to help mitigate their risk,” said Scott L. Vernick, partner with Fox Rothschild and chair of the firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice Group.

Vernick, who spearheaded the creation of Data Breach 411, notes that, “More states are responding to the latest threats to data security and privacy. They are adopting new laws or revising existing ones to account for the sensitive data being stolen and the resulting impact on companies and consumers.”

States with new or revised legislation are Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Florida and Vermont.

“Data Breach 411 continues to be a valuable and timely resource for in-house counsel and privacy officers to access instantly the relevant state-specific details on what they need to do, who they need to notify, when and how, in case of a breach,” Vernick stated.

The app is available for free in the iTunes Store. To download it, click here.

Named one of BigLaw’s best new mobile apps for 2014, the app was specifically cited for the appeal and breadth of its content. “Data breaches occur more frequently yet the state by state patchwork of laws makes this area of law extremely difficult to understand. The app lists 48 states with data breach laws, HIPAA/HITECH statutes and links to related information such as COPPA and credit monitoring services.”

Over the past decade, Vernick has developed extensive fluency in the rapidly evolving field of privacy and data security. He routinely counsels multinational and mid-sized businesses on how to mitigate risk and overcome the challenges posed by the current state and federal enforcement environment. For several years, Vernick has contributed to the “Combating Cyberthreats” section to West/Thompson Reuters’s Data Security and Privacy Law guide, and he is also a frequent commentator for national and local media outlets on current issues related to privacy.