Embrace the Drone

April 2, 2013Articles The Huffington Post

Scott Vernick authored a Huffington Post blog entry proposing a new perspective on how society looks at drones and also detailing the benefits to this evolving technology.

Instead of reflexively hitting the "privacy pause button," Scott urges society to embrace drone technology while giving careful consideration to how to protect what's left of the privacy that hasn’t been relinquished. The hype surrounding how drones are intruding on our privacy should not take away from the more realistic positive benefits of drones.

Drone technology is relatively inexpensive and provides law enforcement with assistance on several imperative operations such as search and rescue missions, agricultural surveillance, transportation needs, general security and fire prevention.

Scott advises that we will likely get a first glimpse of public reaction to drones on April 3, when the FAA will hold an online engagement session to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the agency’s proposed privacy policy for drones.