Certified Executive Coach

Monika pursued the rigorous training to become a certified executive coach because she recognized that her clients would benefit from the focused guidance it enables her to provide.

“There’s a science to decision making. Major business decisions – whether closing on a deal or signing a contract that will be in place for years – demand a careful, strategic, methodical approach,” Monika says.

In her training, Monika developed methods for guiding individuals and groups to define their goals and employ a classic decision tree.

“I wanted to have this formalized, specific tool in my toolbox,” Monika says. “It has already proved to be invaluable in terms of recognizing and overcoming the factors that can lead to a stalemate, and in mapping out all of the components that should be considered to ensure that a deal negotiation is truly strategic and takes a longer view.”

Monika often serves her clients in a role akin to a general counsel. Her executive coach training adds value by enhancing the efficiency and quality of any decision making process, including cost-benefits analyses and the major choices that arise in litigation.

“At the end of the day, this is really about making sure my clients are happy,” Monika says. “Major decisions – in business and in life – are the result of a process. If I can make that process better, surer, smarter, then I’ve done my job and my clients will be happier – now and in the future.”