• Defended an international manufacturer of gas springs in a complex federal litigation alleging pollution of a public water supply well.
  • Successfully defended a waste treatment company in a toxic tort case by winning a Daubert motion excluding an expert’s testimony and having the case dismissed on summary judgment before it reached a jury.
  • Participated as counsel – often in leadership roles – in virtually every one of New Jersey’s multiparty environmental cases, from U.S. v. Price to Passaic River.
  • Act as liaison counsel for the third-party defendants in the Pennsauken (NJ) Landfill litigation, involving more than 200 parties.
  • Successfully represented an electric utility holding company in minority shareholder claims, resulting in a motion to dismiss granted in the District Court of New Jersey and affirmed by the Third Circuit on appeal.
  • Represented a natural gas pipeline in a multidistrict qui tam litigation in which allegations of mis-measurement and underpayment of royalties were eventually defeated.
  • Successfully defended AGA Peru, a subsidiary of Linde LLC, the world’s largest industrial gas supplier, in a wrongful death lawsuit involving maritime and international law issues and valued in excess of $30 million in damages in Florida state court brought by the estates of three dock workers killed by exposure to argon gas that leaked from a storage vessel on a ship docked at the Fort Lauderdale port.
  • Represented a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based oil and gas pipeline operator in two different chapter 11 cases in the District of Delaware.
  • Provide domestic representation to a German-based global gas and engineering company in commercial disputes.