4 Steps to a Compliant Response to MSN Redesign

March 19, 2012 – In The News
William H. Maruca, a Partner and member of the firm’s Health Law Practice, recently spoke to DecisionHealth about steps that health care institutions can take to prevent from patient fraud.

Maruca believes that front desk staff must take every patient call seriously, even if fraud is suspected. The staff must let the patient know that it is willing to rectify anything that was erroneous. Maruca said, “Make sure they know you’re not brushing them off. If it was a mistake, apologize.”

Maruca also stressed the importance of investigating the patient’s claims thoroughly as it is important to know if the claim has any merit. Maruca said, “I would treat it the same way you would treat a complaint from an employee or any discovery of something questionable – you investigate it and document what you investigated.”