8-Story PECO Pole, Antennas Slated for Green Lane

March 17, 2011 – In The News
Town and Country

PECO announced its plans to construct an 85-foot tall wooden utility pole with two 13-foot antennas on the PECO substation property at 309 Walnut Street. The utility company is required by law to make these improvements to become more energy efficient.

Officials questioned why PECO did not go through the planning stages to comply with borough ordinances, which limit structures of that height. According to David H. Comer, PECO’s answer is that they are not bound by local laws but are governed only by the Public Utility Commission (PUC). Comer said the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) supports that, stating zoning ordinances do not apply to public utilities. Comer also noted that Green Lane officials have not taken any action on the matter but are reviewing their options.