A Tax and Attacks

December 2, 2012 – In The News
Burlington County Times

In Hatfield township, Montgomery County many are voicing opposition to Obama’s plan to tax the wealthy, not the middle class, in an attempt to avert the fiscal cliff at year’s end.

Residents held signs in Hatfield saying “Obama Worst President Ever” and “Obama I don’t trust you with my money”

Attorney Marcel Groen can’t figure them out. A partner at Fox Rothschild, a large legal firm with one of its branches in Blue Bell, and the chairman of the Montgomery county Democratic Party, Groen admitted his taxes would increase under Obama’s plan.

“It won’t make me happy having to pay more, but that’s the cost of being part of a wonderful country,” Groen said. “Sometimes, you’ve got to step up and do a little bit more when you can.

“The business community here in Montgomery Country recognizes that if we can keep making sure the other 98 percent have money to spend, the upper 2 percent will also make money.”

"That’s something the Republican Party doesn’t’ understand. There are significant philosophical differences between the parties. The (Republicans) have become a party run for the benefit of a few. The President is try to help everyone.”