Bayonne Bleeder Claims Moviemakers Stole His Script

February 24, 2016 – In The News
Courthouse News Service

Lincoln Bandlow was featured in the Courthouse News Service article, “Bayonne Bleeder Claims Moviemakers Stole His Script” Full text can be found in the February 24, 2016, issue, but a synopsis is below.

Former heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner, who is said to have inspired the movie Rocky, has filed a complaint against Mary Aloe and other co-producers for allegedly using confidential information to create a “copycat” film based off of his upcoming movie that is slated for release this summer.

Wepner and Tollin/Robbins Productions partnered with Aloe entertainment to secure funding for their upcoming movie titled, The Bleeder. After receiving insufficient support from the company, the production team parted ways with Aloe. It was later discovered that Aloe Entertainment began production of a movie based on Wepner’s life after the relationship and planned on releasing the title before the authorized Wepner film.

Fox Rothschild’s Lincoln Bandlow is representing Wepner in the case.

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