Blogger Seeks Law Protection in Jersey Supreme Court

March 2, 2011 – In The News
The Heartland Institute

Blogger Shellee Hale was sued by Too Much Media, a software provider employed by Internet pornography sites, after posting a blog comment mentioning a security breach the company had experienced. Hale cited anonymous sources, saying that Too Much Media’s customer information – including credit card details – had been exposed.

Representing Hale, Jeffrey M. Pollock explained his client was engaged in newsgathering as she was investigating the pornography industry for either a series of articles or a book. “[She] wanted to report on how the porn industry is run, which is how she found out that Too Much Media denied it had been hacked and its customers' credit card information exposed as well as how much time and money customers spent on each site,” he said. “Too Much Media denied it had been hacked, but still wanted her to divulge the identity of her confidential source.”