Breaking Down Beyoncé’s Record-Breaking Album Launch

December 17, 2013 – In The News

Lori Landew was quoted in the Forbes article “Breaking Down Beyoncé’s Record-Breaking Album Launch.” While the full text can be found in the December 17, 2013, issue of Forbes, a synopsis is noted below.

Beyoncé recently released her self-titled surprise album via iTunes, and according to Apple, it reached the top spot on the iTunes charts in over 100 countries worldwide in its first three days. This makes Beyoncé the fastest-selling album in iTunes history.

According to Landew, the deal behind this album was probably a moneymaker for Beyoncé before the album even went on sale.

“Presumably, Beyoncé’s deal entitled her to a nice advance payment on sales before a single unit (digital or physical) was sold,” says Landew. “However you slice it, it seems safe to say that her label will work hard to make and keep her happy so that they can enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship now and into the future.”