CEO Forum: Charisma

November 1, 2013 – In The News
Philadelphia Smart CEO

Noted privacy attorney Scott Vernick was interviewed for the November 2013 issue of Philadelphia Smart CEO on charisma and the importance of being a charismatic leader.

“[A charismatic person] is someone who, by their very being, projects confidence without necessarily being arrogant,” Vernick said. “What they project draws people toward them, motivates people to do their best and brings out the best in people. When I think of a charismatic leader, I think of someone who people are naturally drawn to because of the positive signals that someone is putting out. Being a charismatic leader is not too much different from just being a good leader. What may separate a charismatic leader from someone who is just a good leader is personality. They generate a larger-than-life persona. When they walk into a room, in a very positive way, they can’t help but become the center of attention.”