Change Your Notice of Privacy Practices to Comply with HIPAA Mega-Rule

April 1, 2013 – In The News
Medical Practice Compliance Alert

Now that the final HIPAA “mega-rule” has been published, one compliance item that should be at the top of every practice’s to-do list is updating its notice of privacy practices by the Sept. 23 deadline.

HIPAA now requires you to inform patients of their rights and your legal duties concerning uses and disclosers of patent protected health information.

The notice is one of the first documents that patients—and OCR—see when they walk in, says attorney Michael Kline. “The notice is one of those documents you want to be pristine. It shows that you at least know the basics.”

The mega-rule requires that providers spell out in the notice certain uses and disclosures needing an authorization, adds attorney Elizabeth Litten.