Chip Kelly Tackled for $80K in Rent, Costs

June 22, 2015 – In The News
The Legal Intelligencer

Brett A. Berman was featured in The Legal Intelligencer article, “Chip Kelly Tackled for $80K in Rent, Costs.” Full text can be found in the June 22, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is below.

Eagles head coach, Chip Kelly, was recently faced with an $80,000 ruling after failing to pay what court papers called the “most expensive rent in Philly” to landlord, Tempa Berish.

Kelly says that he was not aware that the lease would automatically renew and had forgotten to cancel it when he moved out. Since they did not find a replacement tenant at the $10,000 a month hotel, they charged Kelly for the cost along with late fees and other fines.

The judge for the case even increased the fines against Kelly, adding fees for early lease termination, late fees and other costs.

Brett A. Berman represented Berish in the case, saying that the court’s decisions “speak for themselves.”