Commissioners ‘Proud’ of $42M Radio System Contract

February 14, 2013 – In The News
Daily Local News

Among the 38 contracts listed for approval on the Chester County commissioners’ agenda in his last meeting was one for $4,000 for family development training, another for $50,000 for street paving in Coatesville, and one for $42,103,283 for a new digital emergency radio system. According to the commissioners and a memo from the county’s legal counsel, that multi-million dollar figure would have been significantly higher were it not for aggressive negotiations with the contract winner and other bidders on the project.

“As a result of simultaneous negotiations, the county … saved approximately $10.5 million in connection with the voice radio project,” wrote attorney Ronald Williams, retained to help the county negotiate and write the contract for the new system. In addition, Williams said, the negotiations allowed the county to get a radio system with a broader scope of services than what had initially been proposed.

The commissioners say the new system will bring a much improved, modern radio system to all first responders in the county, and one that takes into account the specific needs of fire, ambulance, and fire police services.

The contract calls for a new radio system at the county’s Department of Emergency Services 9-1-1 operations center in West Goshen, as well as the individual radio units and computers that police, fire, and ambulance services throughout the county use daily. The current analog system, installed about 20 years ago, has been the source of complaints about “dead zones” in urban areas of the county almost since it first went on line.