Communications Help Labor Negotiations in Tough Times

April 11, 2011 – In The News
National School Boards Association

Jeffrey T. Sultanik was featured in the National School Boards Association article, "Communications Help Labor Negotiations in Tough Times." A synopsis is below.

Using effective communication strategies during union negotiations for school funding can help build support among school staff and the public. Without an effective communication strategy, the community may not understand why negotiating on certain issues can be so difficult and complex.

“The largest uncontrolled cost for districts nationally is health care,” said Jeffrey T. Sultanik who was part of the panel discussion at the Council of School Attorneys’ School Law Seminar. Educating the public, as well as your employees, on the real costs of health care is the place to start when trying to negotiate changes in contract health care benefits, said Sultanik. He suggested using the Kaiser Family Foundation study on health care costs in the bargaining process.