Condo Association Awarded $5 Million over Building Defects

June 24, 2013 – In The News
The Legal Intelligencer

Robert Tintner was quoted in The Legal Intelligencer article "Condo Association Awarded $5 Million over Building Defects." While the full text can be found in the June 24, 2013, issue of The Legal Intelligencer, a synopsis is noted below.

A jury awarded $5.05 million to the Belgravia Condominium Association, after finding the developer, 1811 Belgravia Associated and PMC/Belgravia Associates, along with engineering firm O’Donnell & Nacaarato failed to disclose certain property defects to the buyers.

“By awarding the association significant compensatory damages to repair the Belgravia building and, by further awarding punitive damages, the jury in this case sent a very resounding message to the developer that conduct like that engaged in by the developer and its representatives should not have occurred and would not go unpunished,” said Robert Tintner, the association's attorney.

According to the pretrial memorandum filed by the plaintiff, “The defendant and the developer compounded this fraud by failing to attach several subcontractor reports to the final report that was published to consumers in Belgravia’s public offering statement, and by ‘lowballing’ the building’s initial budget and reserves.”

“To purchase a condo unit in Pennsylvania, you should not have to hire an engineer and an attorney,” Tintner said.”