Data Privacy Day: Attorneys Call for Better Online Protection

January 28, 2013 – In The News
ABC News Radio

January 28 has been declared Data Privacy Day in an effort to remind people about the growing importance of protecting their personal information online.

"What we want people to do is take all the good habits that they have offline and transfer that to the online environment," says Scott Vernick of Fox Rothschild.

He suggests using multiple passwords as a key step in protecting yourself online.

"Making sure that you are not just using the same password for every device, or for every account you have online but using different ones, even though it’s obviously more cumbersome and more awkward in changing them frequently," Vernick says.

If you do become the victim of identity theft, Vernick says you should first work on protecting your credit.

"Immediately what I would do is contact one of the credit reporting agencies and ask them to put a freeze on all your accounts," he says.

You should then call your credit card companies, followed by a call to the police, Vernick advises.