Delay Doesn’t Stop Progress

October 13, 2010 – In The News
The Marlton Telegram

The state of New Jersey called for a one-day halt in all state-funded projects due to critically low funds and a delay in the approval of bond sales. The construction at the intersection of routes 70 and 73 is still on schedule to meet the winter 2011 end date, despite the one-day halt and a recent eminent domain lawsuit in which property owners of Marlton Crossing shopping center sued the New Jersey Department of Transportation and received $1.6 million for losing one of three driveways in the Marlton Circle elimination project.

Representing the property owners, David Snyder argued that the amount the state originally offered for the driveway, $194,000, only compensated for the value of the land and not the impact the loss of the driveway would have inflicted. In his blog, Snyder wrote, “New Jersey, like many states, limits a property owner’s ability to obtain damages for a change in access. Generally, New Jersey property owners are not permitted to seek such damages as long as the remaining access is reasonable. However, there are exceptions, including if the change in access caused ‘on site impact’ such as vehicular maneuverability issues.”