Employee Hacks System, Exposes Two Practices to HIPAA Risks

March 5, 2012 – In The News
Medical Practice Compliance Alert

Michael J. Kline was featured in an article discussing an employee who stole patient data from his former employer, a prenatal medical practice, in order to launch a marketing campaign for his new employer. Both practices may face scrutiny as both violated HIPAA rules.

The former employer may be sued by patients for malpractice and breach of privacy as the employee used his old password to gain access to the computer system five months after he left his former employer.

"Their medical records are corrupted, their history compromised," said Kline. "This is a treatment nightmare."

The new employer may come under fire as well and be vulnerable to lawsuits from patients of the employee's former practice.

"What role did the new employer have in this? Who paid for the marketing campaign?" asked Kline. If his marketing campaign brought patients from the former employer, the new employer should have questioned the employee's methods, he added.