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October 22, 2012 – In The News
Physician's Money Digest

Todd Rodriguez, co-chair of the health law practice at Fox Rothschild LLP explained the importance for physicians to led by example and treat each patient as though the practice were their own to Physician’s Money Digest.

“It’s something that every business and every industry struggles with,” says Todd. "That being said, I certainly think you can create a culture that engenders that kind of thinking.”

Todd explains that it’s important for physicians to lead by example. If there are physician in a practice who don’t pull their weight or hold up the process by not completing their records on time or returning phone calls promptly, that sends a message—a negative one.

“It sends a message that being on time is not that important; that returning phone calls and being responsive is not that important,” said Todd. “If you’re a leaders in the practice, establish a culture of ‘everything we do matters’; that everybody’s responsible for their own job, and people are held responsible. No question about it, the culture has to stop from the top down.”

Todd also believes that building incentives for employees that aren’t necessarily monetary based, such as a preferred parking space, encourages staff to go above and beyond.

He is a proponent of actively reviewing staff performances and recording those reviews. The reviews can then be used to identify ways to improve performance.