Fox Announces Annual Leadership Transitions

April 1, 2021 – Press Releases

Fox Rothschild LLP is pleased to announce it has appointed new leadership to several of its departments, practice groups and offices.

On April 1, the following changes in leadership will become effective (newly appointed leaders in bold):

Department Chairs:

Intellectual Property – Dianna G. El Hioum (Chair)

Office Managing Partners:

Charlotte – Jeffrey P. MacHarg
Exton – Samuel W. Cortes
Greensboro – Richard A. Coughlin
Las Vegas – Brett A. Axelrod
Miami – Joseph A. DeMaria
Morristown – Catherine E. Youngman
San Francisco – Laura Terry Howard

Practice Group Chairs:

Gaming - C.J. Fisher (Co-Chair) joins Marie Jiacopello Jones (Co-Chair)
Insurance - Christopher L. Pizzo (Chair)
Israel - Odia Kagan (Co-Chair) joins Sarah B. Biser and Michael A. Sweet (Co-Chairs)
Patents - E. Bradley Gould (Chair)
Trademarks - Patricia M. Flanagan (Co-Chair) joins Lori S. Kozak (Co-Chair)
Securities Industry - C. Dunham Biles (Co-Chair) joins Ernest E. Badway (Co-Chair)

“Department chairs, office managing partners and practice group leaders play a pivotal role in helping us plan and execute the firm’s strategic initiatives. Our outgoing leadership has done an outstanding job navigating the unique challenges we have faced over the past year,” said Firmwide Managing Partner Mark L. Morris.

Morris noted that the changes are part of standard leadership rotation.

“I am confident that our new leadership will continue to build on our strong commitment to client service throughout our national network of offices,” said Morris.

The new group of department and practice leaders succeed Nicholas Casiello Jr. (Gaming), Dianna G. El Hioum (Patents), Barbara J. Grahn (Trademarks), Mark H. Hess (Israel), Carl Anthony Maio (Insurance) and James M. Singer (Intellectual Property).

The new Office Managing Partners succeed Mark J. Connot (Las Vegas), Julianna Theall Earp (Greensboro and Charlotte), Alexander Hernaez (San Francisco), Deirdre E. Moore (Morristown) and Todd A. Rodriguez (Exton).