Fox Assists Emerging Cannabis Businesses Through SEOWA Partnership

December 18, 2020 – Press Releases

Fox Rothschild LLP is pleased to announce it has partnered with the Social Equity Owners and Workers Association (SEOWA) to provide legal support to cannabis industry business owners across Southern California and beyond.

SEOWA will collaborate with Fox attorneys Jonathan Dolgin and Melissa T. Sanders to identify and connect with qualifying applicants navigating the Social Equity Program, which was designed to promote inclusion and ownership in the cannabis sector by assisting business owners who have been historically marginalized by the war on drugs.

In October, Dolgin and Sanders joined SEOWA for a CannaLAVA panel, hosted by the Los Angeles Venture Association, that focused on empowering social equity programs. After the event, they recognized an opportunity to combine and assist entrepreneurs and small cannabis owners in California on a larger scale.

“The need for equity and justice in the cannabis industry is more prevalent now than ever before,” said Dolgin. “We look forward to working with SEOWA to identify those business owners who we can help navigate the complexities of this highly regulated space.”

“SEOWA, the largest organization of social equity business owners in the country, is excited to embark on an effort to make history by providing underrepresented groups with an opportunity to create generational wealth while restoring communities targeted by the war on drugs,” Kika Keith, President of SEOWA, added, “Our landmark partnership with Fox Rothschild is a unique opportunity for social equity entrepreneurs and business owners to have full legal representation to participate competitively in the cannabis industry.”

Dolgin and Sanders will spearhead the effort, working with eligible clients to provide pro bono or reduced-fee legal services. While the businesses eligible for this program are in the cannabis space, the work is not limited to cannabis-specific matters. The team will assist with issues related to the full corporate life cycle, including corporate formation agreements, governance, contract negotiations, labor and employment matters and more.

In June, Fox Rothschild formally announced its commitment to shaping a more just and equal world and its plans for a firmwide effort to target systemic racial oppression. As part of that, the firm launched a pro bono initiative partnering with organizations throughout the country to assist and support Black communities. Fox’s partnership with SEOWA falls within that initiative.