Fox Only NJ Law Firm To Show Strong Profit

May 2, 2013 – Press Releases

In a recent article by the New Jersey Law Journal regarding growth and revenue at New Jersey’s top 20 law firms, Fox Rothschild was the only firm noted for robustly increasing profits.

Of the top 20 firms mentioned,“[o]nly Fox Rothschild’s New Jersey branch showed a strong gain – exemplary in fact, at 61 percent.”

Fox was also noted for having the largest growth in equity partners with an increase of 24.

In February, Fox welcomed a team of eight attorneys to its Roseland office – a lateral move that bolstered the firm’s already established real estate practice. The group will spearhead the opening of a Fox Morristown office in summer 2013.

More than 150 attorneys occupy Fox’s current three New Jersey offices in Atlantic City, Princeton and Roseland.