Fox Rothschild’s HR Department Takes Top Honors for the Second Time

January 8, 2013 – Press Releases

Recognizing Fox Rothschild’s excellence in its employee wellness program, the firm recently received top honors at the Human Resource Department of the Year Awards Dinner and Presentation. This is the second year the firm has been awarded for its HR department’s success, having also received top honors as the HR Department of the Year during the 2010 event.

The honor not only acknowledges the firm’s dedication to its workforce, which it considers its greatest asset and a key underlying component of the firm’s business success, but also applauds the diligent work of Fox’s HR department to implement new systems and streamline multiple processes, leading to greater overall efficiency throughout the firm.

The Fox Rothschild Fit & Well program was developed in 2009 as an effort to help employees maintain their health and improve their productivity. The dynamic initiative provides resources and tools for employees to meet their wellness goals through daily highlights, fitness recommendations, nutrition and weight management tools, alternative health options, self-help practices, as well as resources for parents-to-be.

The program also offers a calendar of wellness events available to employees in all 17 offices across the country, and some offices have selected activities such as lunchtime yoga and aerobics. Each office also has its own local wellness committee and representation on a firm-wide wellness committee to ensure the program continues to work effectively for as many people as possible.

Wellness programs like Fox Fit & Well can help save approximately $1.65 in health care expenses for every dollar spent on a health care program. This helps employers and employees save money through lower health care costs and assists in achieving greater overall productivity and reduced absenteeism.

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