Fox Rothschild Named Top Healthiest Employer by Philadelphia Business Journal

June 3, 2012 – Press Releases

Fox Rothschild LLP was recently named the Top Healthiest Employer among companies with 500 to 1,499 employees in Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The firm was noted for its progressive Fox Fit & Well initiative aimed at improving employee health and wellness. The article highlighted the firm’s highly attended yoga at lunch programs and partnership with Vitality – an outside wellness vendor that enables both employees and their family members to track wellness goals and receive incentives for activities completed.

Fox Fit & Well helps attorneys and staff members to stay healthy and reduce overall health care costs through awareness and educational programs that promote preventive and chronic care management. The program allows participants to set specific wellness goals, develop steps to achieve those goals and track progress through simple online access.

Since the inception of the Fox Fit & Well program in 2009, participation rates have increased to more than 70 percent. The success of the program is quite evident, with health care renewals down to under 5 percent. The average length of hospital stays decreased 23.4 percent; outpatient surgeries decreased 2.5 percent; and the number of pharmacy claims decreased 22 percent. There has also been a significant increase in compliance with cholesterol monitoring and eye exam/glucose monitoring for diabetic members. The Fox Fit & Well program has also contributed toward a leveling off of large claims, with a significant reduction in catastrophic claims in excess of $50,000 due to the firm’s chronic disease management program.

Click here for more information on the Fox Fit & Well program.