Glimmer of Hope in Saucon Valley Contract Dispute?

June 19, 2012 – In The News

Jeff Sultanik was quoted in the WFMZ-TV article “Glimmer of Hope in Saucon Valley Contract Dispute?” While the full text can be found in the August 20, 2014, issue of WFMZ-TV, a synopsis is noted below.

Negotiators attempting to resolve a long contract dispute in Saucon Valley School District have scheduled a meeting. Sultanik, who represents the district, said the school board’s negotiators will be going into the session with the “express understanding” that the Saucon Valley Education Association will be submitting a new proposal, not just reiterating its last proposal.

“The board interprets this to mean that the association’s last proposal, contrary to the position of the association, was not a ‘final’ proposal as advertised by the union’s attorney,” said Sultanik.

“The board remains hopeful that the association will submit a proposal that is more consistent with the school district’s employment marketplace.”