Help! My ex-wife forged my name on credit card applications

July 30, 2008

Fox Rothschild attorney Jane Lessner offered her guidance to a reader with credit card troubles in a column that recently appeared on The column, “Help! My ex-wife forged my name on credit card applications,” by Alan Klayman, appeared on July 30, 2008.

Lessner offered several suggestions for the victim, whose ex-wife forged his name on credit card applications and ruined his credit score. Among her suggestions, Lessner said, “A letter should go to all the credit companies, telling them that the ex-wife's activities were actively hidden from you and that she had no permission to make these transactions. If you file a criminal complaint or if there is police action, that information should also be given in the letter. The credit reporting companies should be instructed to send a copy of the letter to all individuals and entities that inquire as to your creditworthiness.”

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