How Close is too Close for Judicial Bias?

January 18, 2016 – In The News

Abraham C. Reich was featured in the article, “How Close is too Close for Judicial Bias?” Full text can be found in the January 18, 2016, issue, but a synopsis is below.

A Montgomery County court case involving a plaintiff’s lawyer who passed off a contract dispute to another attorney due to being selected as a judge has raised many questions. An agreement was made between the two that they would split the proceedings from any successful judgement.

Over time, the case ended up landing in the same courthouse that the judge was placed and a $1.7 million payout was granted to the plaintiff. Although the judge did not oversee the case, but rather one of his colleagues, many still question the ethical integrity of the matter which may be making its way to the state Supreme Court.

Fox Rothschild’s Abraham C. Reich said such cases would be rare and worth the inconvenience of finding an outside judge.

"If it doesn't smell right, they ought not to proceed in a case," he said. "It is extremely important that parties appearing before a judge have supreme confidence in the integrity of the decision made."

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