How Divorce Impacts The Military Man

February 6, 2009

Divorce takes its toll on men and women, and is especially hard when there are children involved. But divorce impacts military men differently than non-military men, according to several experts.


Julia Swain, attorney with Fox Rothschild in the Family Law Practice Group, focuses her practice on all areas of family law, and also handles plenty of military divorces. She also knows firsthand that divorce impacts military men differently than civilians. “This is true from both a legal and a personal perspective,” Swain said. “On the legal front, military men have the protection afforded them by the Service Members Civil Relief Act (formerly the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act). Most importantly, this Act enables military men to postpone legal proceedings for at least 90 days. Practically, given the high level of telecommunications and the Internet, delay of legal proceedings is not often encountered because most military men are capable of participating in legal proceedings by telephone, video conference or other means from almost anywhere in the world.”


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