How New Lawyers Can Avoid Malpractice Nightmares

September 18, 2015 – In The News
Big Law Business

Rachelle M. Bin was featured in the Big Law Business article “How New Lawyers Can Avoid Malpractice Nightmares.” While a full text can be found in the September 18, 2015, issue of Big Law Business, a synopsis is noted below.

Rachelle M. Bin was recently featured on a panel to discuss ways that new lawyers can avoid malpractice lawsuits. According to Bin, it is important to be aware of conflicts. “Waivers recognizing potential conflicts, especially in practice areas that typically involve husbands and wives, such as trust and estates, are essential,” said Bin. She goes on to mention, “When you do represent two or more parties, have a candid discussion about the pros and cons of joint representation.”

Rachelle continues by discussing written fee agreements by saying, “State what you are — and are not — going to do.” By defining the boundaries of work and protecting it with documentation, the lawyer can avoid issues with clients unable to pay for services.

Bin also stresses the bottom line by stating, “How you treat your client will influence how your client treats you when things go wrong.”