Judge’s Lawyer Girlfriend Says He Broke Her Elbow in Assault

February 22, 2011 – In The News
The Legal Intelligencer

York County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas H. Kelley VI could face removal from the bench due to accusations of injuring a county public defender, Janan M.E. Tallo, in a domestic dispute. His consequences of bench removal remain regardless of the outcome of a criminal investigation. Both Kelley and Tallo could face punishment, however, if it’s revealed they hid their relationship while she tried cases in his courtroom.

Abraham Reich said a finding that Kelley and Tallo were involved in the same case while in a relationship could result in both being punished. Kelley would “clearly” have had an “obligation to disqualify himself” from any case in which Tallo was defense counsel during their relationship, said Reich.

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