Key Ruling on Detroit Bankruptcy Due Tuesday

December 2, 2013 – In The News
The Los Angeles Times

Michael Sweet was quoted in The Los Angeles Times article "Key Ruling on Detroit Bankruptcy Due Tuesday." While the full text can be found in the December 2, 2013, issue of The Los Angeles Times, a synopsis is noted below.

Judge Stephen Rhodes is due to rule on the city of Detroit’s eligibility for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, a decision that could affect pensions, city services and healthcare for residents.

It is unlikely that Rhodes will rule on the complicated issue of pension cuts and whether that violated the state’s Constitution on Tuesday, said Michael Sweet.

“Detroit hasn’t yet said what it’s going to do with pensions – all it’s done is walk up to the court and said, ‘Can we please come in?’” Sweet said. “The only questions the judge is ready to answer is, ‘May we enter?’”

It’s difficult to determine how long it could take to move on to the next step, but Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings have moved at a much quicker pace than similar cases in Stockton and San Bernardino.

“What you’re seeing is a hyper fast track with Detroit,” Sweet said.