Latest Qualification for Cyber Security? No Law Degree

February 24, 2016 – In The News
Bloomberg BNA

Mark G. McCreary was featured in the Bloomberg BNA article, Latest Qualification for Cyber Security? No Law Degree.” Full text can be found in the February 24, 2016, issue, but a synopsis is below.

As the focus of privacy and data security grows within law firms due to the risk of becoming a victim of cyber attacks, some believe that offering a non-lawyer with technical expertise a position may pose as a threat.

As law firms adapt to the essential task of protecting client data in a fast developing arena, there are many that are unwilling to take on the risk of hiring a non-lawyer due to state bar rules that prohibit law firms from sharing fees with non-lawyers, privilege-protection issues and state bar rules around referrals.

“My opinion is there’s not enough upside for me to take the risk,” said Mark McCreary, chief privacy officer and a partner at Fox Rothschild.

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