LinkedIn: Prime Source for Contacts…and Lawsuits?

January 20, 2014 – In The News
NJ Biz

Ian Meklinsky was quoted in the NJ Biz article “LinkedIn: Prime Source for Contacts…and Lawsuits?” While the full text can be found in the January 20, 2014, issue of NJ Biz, a synopsis is noted below.

The ruling in Valley National Bank v. Kleiber was the fifth most requested case by New Jersey attorneys in 2013. It is an important decision involving uniquely deceptive theft of clients.

While it is an important decision that any employment lawyer needs to know, some attorneys are already questioning if the case is outdated as it does not answer the next big employment law question: Who owns the rights to a person’s LinkedIn contact list?

“If all of these customers were LinkedIn contacts of these people, I don’t know if the court would have viewed it the same way because the door is wide open at that point,” said Meklinsky.

“What do you do in that context?” Meklinsky added. “And I see that’s where the law hasn’t yet evolved to really address it. I think the court got it right here on the facts, but I think the issue is what’s the next logical step in the process.”