Local Students Experience Life with Down Syndrome

March 21, 2013 – In The News
The Caldwells Patch

Fox Attorney Heather R. Boshak's daughter, sixth grader Sadye Boshak, organized a walk-a-thon at her school which raised more than $5,400 for the Special Olympics New Jersey, an event in which her friend and classmate Grace McDonald has won three gold medals.

Sadye set out to raise awareness among her peers about what it's like for Grace, and other children with Down Syndrome, to do things such as write, speak and learn. Students participated in various activities in the classroom, including talking with marshmallows in their mouths (see video) and writing with their opposite hand while wearing oven mitts.

"We should always remember that Down Syndrome is not something to be afraid of," Sadye said in her remarks before the walk. "We are all more alike than different."

The fourth, fifth and sixth grade students learned important facts about Down Syndrome, including that it is a condition involving the 21st chromosome and that people with Down Syndrome do not grow as fast or learn as quickly, but have otherwise normal lives.