Morning Cybersecurity

December 22, 2015 – In The News

Scott L. Vernick was quoted in the Politico article, “Morning Cybersecurity.” Full text can be found in the December 22, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is below.

According to noted privacy attorney Scott L. Vernick, 2015 was the year that businesses learned that limiting the damage of a cyberattack was a better bet than fending off every hacker.

“Deterrence, 100 percent deterrence, is very hard to come by,” Vernick said. “Containment, I think you can do a much better job and get better results. Empirically, that’s what I’m hearing from clients and what I’m sensing about the way in which the cybersecurity industry is trending.”

Companies are also getting smarter about hanging onto records they need and disposing of the rest, Vernick added.

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