Move Along, No Layoffs Here

March 5, 2008
The Legal Intelligencer

Mark Silow, Fox’s Administrative Partner and Chief Operating Officer, lent his insight to “Move Along, No Layoffs Here,” an article by Gina Passarella and Zack Needles that appeared in the March 5, 2008, edition of The Legal Intelligencer.

The article discussed the possibility of layoffs by Pennsylvania firms as times become financially tougher. Recently, firms with heavy or specialty practices in finance and real estate have faced potential layoffs. However, firms with more diverse practices tend to be better insulated against such possibilities.

Said Silow, “Fox Rothschild never had a large financial institutions or structured finance practice but focuses more on the upper middle-market clientele. While the firm doesn't hit the high highs…it doesn't see the low lows either.”

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