Museum Sells Pieces of Its Past, Reviving a Debate

December 5, 2010 – In The News
The New York Times

The Philadelphia History Museum has been closed for nearly two years and selling items for the past several years in an effort to gather its collection of 100,000 artifacts and raise money for a $5.8 million renovation of the 1826 building. “We view the entire reconstruction project as preserving and caring for our largest artifact, the building, and making possible the display and conservation under museum-appropriate conditions of the other pieces of our collection,” said Gregory J. Kleiber, who serves as the museum’s treasurer.

“We’ve collected a lot of things over the years, many of which have very little to do with our mission as a history museum,” said Kleiber. “We want to continue the process, to continue looking at what doesn’t fit our needs and move forward. We were very conscious when we started the process that this sort of thing raises eyebrows. We feel we’ve been very careful and very thoughtful about the entire thing.”

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