New Chairman of the Board and CEO of Boca West Country Club

March 20, 2013 – In The News
Boca Raton Forum

With his strong background as an attorney and as CEO of his own former practice, Jerold “Jerry” Glassman is bringing a storied legal career to Boca West Country Club as the new chairman of the board and CEO.

“I’m used to being a sounding board, and I’ve represented some of the largest hospitality companies including casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas and riverboats,” Glassman said. Although he was named Newark Labor Law-Management Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in 2012, he’s no longer flying all over the country. Now he has enough time to assume the top volunteer role in the community of 3,300 families.

Glassman says he took the labor-intensive position with no pay because the organization has earned almost every award for its amenities package and lifestyle, making for some “magic moments.” Glassman wants Boca to continue to remain ahead of the curve and take up a tradition of excellence.

Glassman noted that his plans include being involved in the building and construction of the recently completed design for a $40 million golf and activities center. He also stressed the importance of giving back to the surrounding community in his new leadership role.