New Jersey Judge Ray Lyons Leaves the Bench to Mediate

August 8, 2013 – In The News
Dow Jones

Raymond Lyons was quoted in the Dow Jones article "New Jersey Judge Ray Lyons Leaves the Bench to Mediate." While the full text can be found in the August 8, 2013, issue of Dow Jones, a synopsis is noted below.

For 14 years, Raymond Lyons didn’t need to tally up hours spent on legal arguments as he served as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, a freedom often not available to lawyers in private practice.

"You can fully work on an issue and resolve it to your satisfaction without the constraint of a client's time and money," said Lyons.

After deciding that someone else needed a turn, Lyons chose to leave the bench to join Fox Rothschild as a mediator.

Lyons has a strong history and reputation in the legal field. In the 1990s, while representing a bank, Lyons helped facilitate the completion of a half-built townhouse through a sale to another developer.

"It was very rewarding to see the development survive," Lyons said of the experience.

In addition to major corporate restructurings, Lyons also recalls the people who tried to have student loans wiped after filing for bankruptcy.

"The standard is so high that you really hear some heart-wrenching stories from people and unfortunate things that happened to them," he said.