NJ Top Court Backs Stronger Bias Laws

July 18, 2013 – In The News
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Ian D. Meklinsky was quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer article "NJ Top Court Backs Stronger Bias Laws." While the full text can be found in the July 18, 2013, issue of The Philadelphia Inquirer, a synopsis is noted below.

The New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a decision bolstering laws on workplace discrimination Wednesday, ruling that employers who engage in derogatory remarks can be held civilly liable even if no individual is directly harmed.

“When you look at the [discrimination] claim, I think the Supreme Court got it right as a legal matter,” said Ian D. Meklinsky. Meklinsky added that not only does the law protect groups the law says are targets of discrimination, but “it is designed to protect people who protest about conduct that they feel violates the statute.”