Obama’s Move To Create Individual Internet IDs Causes Big Concerns

January 31, 2011 – In The News
The Heartland Institute

The Obama administration is moving to allow the U.S. Commerce Department to implement a new cybersecurity effort that will create an Internet ID for each U.S. citizen. Scott L. Vernick comments on the issue, noting that a new “cyber identity” will give hackers the ability to access someone’s health, government, financial and work information simply by acquiring a single key.

“There is some value in enabling a financial institution or merchant, for example, to be able to positively identify that the person online is indeed who he or she purports to be. But it’s just not clear that [a cyber ID] doesn’t create more problems than it solves,” said Vernick. “When you start to think it through, you wonder whether or not you are creating more [problems] with a single way of validating a person. Right now, people have to get a number of passwords for various online activities.”