Pennsbury School District and Support Union Reach Tentative Agreement

August 2, 2013 – In The News
Bucks Local News

Jeffrey Sultanik was quoted in the Bucks Local News article "Pennsbury School District and Support Union Reach Tentative Agreement." While the full text can be found in the August 2, 2013, issue of Bucks Local News, a synopsis is noted below.

The Pennsbury Educational Support Professionals Association (PESPA) has reached a tentative agreement with the school district on a deal that could be approved as early as this month, after the nearly 700 member union had been working without a contract since 2011.

Due to requirements in the union constitution, they will not vote on the tentative agreement until possibly August 20, according to the district’s chief negotiator, Jeffrey Sultanik.

“Assuming that the union membership agrees with the tentative agreement, which is being recommended by the union leadership, the school board will vote on the terms of the tentative agreement at its August 29 board meeting,” Sultanik said.

Sultanik noted, “at this point the district is not sharing any details of the tentative agreement,” which will be released after the union vote.