Philadelphia-area Law Firms Take To Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

November 24, 2012 – In The News
Philadelphia Inquirer

Many law firms have developed attorney blogs as a means of marketing and generating new business leads. Large firms now have communications directors and large marketing departments aimed at tracking down potential new business and finding ways for their attorneys to connect with clients. Blogging is one way to successfully accomplish that.

While blogs can concentrate on the usual legal suspects some are surprising and inventive, offering creative topics and personal experiences. The vast majority of blogs however, are aimed at showing that their authors are players in the legal marketplace. “It is a form of marketing,” said Fox Rothschild LLP managing partner Mark Silow. “There are people and sophisticated businesses doing their own market research and they come across blog postings. You see general counsels, business owners, and executives who are looking for layers who understand their businesses.”

These entertaining legal style posts have proved to be valuable for many firms, generating client leads, speaking engagements and media inquiries. While the blogs are topical, they have a serious legal issue at the center.