Power Lawyers: THR Unveils America’s Top 100 Entertainment Attorneys

May 22, 2013 – In The News
The Hollywood Reporter

Darrell D. Miller, chair of Fox’s entertainment law department and managing partner of the firm’s Los Angeles office, was named to The Hollywood Reporter’s 7th annual Power Lawyers list, which serves as a handbook featuring the industry’s most effective problem-solvers.

Miller was touring the world, performing as a singer during the mid-1980s when he had an epiphany: “I asked myself, what if one person and a singular understanding of both the business and creative sides of deals so as to improve the change of them happening?” A quarter century later, Miller represents some of Hollywood’s leading talent.

“Every network wants exclusivity and refuses to let one of its stars be on another network,” Miller told The Hollywood Reporter. “But in the wonderfully vertical integrated society we now live in, after the Comcast merger with NBC, we were able to say, ‘It should be looked on as staying within the same family.’ And they agreed.”

To determine Hollywood's 100 most influential attorneys The Hollywood Reporter researches the biggest deals and legal cases of the year. Attorneys are identified as talent dealmakers, litigators or corporate dealmakers and evaluated against their peers based on cases won, the nature of deals closed and their reputation within the entertainment legal community.